Friday, November 28, 2008

Aphrodisiacs and Sex Food -Trick or Treat for Your Libido

Author: Lena Laursen

There are so many article and contradictive information regarding sex aphrodisiacs that it is almost impossible to tell the truth from fallacy. People continue experimenting with different substances trying to improve their sexual life.

As you might know, aphrodisiacs are substances which can enhance your libido. Therefore we shall not consider Viagra and the like means against impotence to be aphrodisiacs, because they imply physiologic interference aimed to fulfill the already existing sexual desire.

For centuries people have been trying and testing various kinds of food, drinks and chemical elements hoping to discover the magic element for libido enhancement.

Some of the ancient aphrodisiac explorers found the similarities of particular plant shape with human genitalia, considering them to have the effect on libido due to their shape likeness. For example the root of parsley was told to have amazing effect.

Others believed that the results can only be achieved by eating genitalia of certain animals. For instance, bull's testicles, which still can be found on the menus of some restaurants in Latin America. Sometimes completely absurd ideas about aphrodisiacs were popular, like the powder of the rhinocerose's horn. Horns in general were used for this purpose, not only those of rhinoceroses but also deer's bull's, etc.

However, this doesn't prove that real aphrodisiacs don't exist at all. In fact, they are easy to find. But the side effects of them are sometimes too unpleasant to use them.

A research held by American food committee proved that all substances acknowledge as aphrodisiacs have one or more side effects. And some of then were claimed to be dangerous.

Thus one of the most popular aphrodisiac called Spanish fly or Lytta vesicatoria contain dangerous element cantaridin, which blocks blood vessels in genitalia's area. Eventually, that results in hard erection for men and pleasant feeling on sexual excitement in female genitalia, but the excessive usage of this aphrodisiac can lead to dangerous diseases like permanent erection (priapism) and swelling of female genitalia. Both are very painful experiences.

Therefore when buying another magic potion, carefully read the ingredients it contains and make sure they won’t cause any side effects.

Some people use alcohol and other drugs (cannabis, amphetamines, etc) as aphrodisiacs. Certainly, when the control centers of her brain are switched off, a woman can turn into a wild animal lusting for sex only. However, these experiments are no less than a sexual abuse and any forcing or tricking into drinking of such 'aphrodisiacs' is recognized by law as a rape.

By the way, the pioneer of practicing drugs as aphrodisiacs was the notorious marquise De Sade. He began his 'career' of a sex pervert by adding some of the above mentioned 'aphrodisiacs' in food, usually at a ball or other social gathering. After this spiced with aphrodisiacs meal, he enjoyed watching the orgies, provoked by the effect of aphrodisiacs. That was his way to get inspired for his writing.

You don't have to necessarily search for exotic animals' genitalia or weird flies in order to enhance your libido. Keep in mind that the majority of our erogenous zones are in the brain. A romantic dinner with champaign and strawberry can also be a great aphrodisiac. Especially if you manage to create the area of intimacy. Consider that the combination of strawberry and champain stimulate the genesis of female hormones. But alcohol has nothing to do with that effect. The effect is provoked by the fruit sugar and carbonic acid.

And don't forget about pheromones and stimulating scents.
Experiment with tastes and scents to find your personal aphrodisiac.

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