Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SEX FOOD - 5 Surprisingly Effective All-Natural Aphrodisiacs (That You Probably Have in Your Kitchen)

Forget the alcohol, Spanish Fly, Viagra, and other unmentionable sex enhancers, the most passionate aphrodisiacs are only a supermarket away. And we aren't talking about specialty items hidden in the international aisle, like some bark off a tree in South Africa, or a red-crusted algae that grows on the bottoms of a toilet seats located in Antarctica. The stuff we're talking about is common natural products that you probably already have in your refrigerator. And if you don't...then it's time to go grocery shopping, because you're going to love what these sex food can do for your sex life.

Surprisingly Sexy Ingredient #1: Cornstarch
The first item on this list isn't something you eat, it's about the feel of the cornstarch on your body (half- to full-nude body preferred). Just the initial sensation of cornstarch dropping on the skin mimics the sensation of liquid silk. Try a few drops on yourself and you'll see what I mean. Just a few sprinkles of this cool, tingly powder elixir onto the skin and you are almost guaranteed a few titillating giggles right from the get go. But don't stop at sprinkles; once you have enough on the body, take out a pastry brush and gently spread the cornstarch over your lover's entire body. Next, give a seductive full-body massage using the cornstarch instead of body oil. It may take a minute to get the pressure just right so that the cornstarch just flows across the skin through your fingertips, but once you do, it won't be too long before you are off to some other pleasures.

Surprisingly Sexy Ingredient #2: Tomatoes
Many food experts prefer to call the tomato, the "apple of love." Why is the tomato erotic? Two reasons: First of all, the sensation of eating a fresh, fully ripened, crisp, clean, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own. Watching a pair of sexy lips nibble on this fruit (or vegetable, depending on which school you belong to), is enough to make you hungry for other things. Of course, the juicier the tomato, the more chance you'll have of dribbling on yourself or your partner.but isn't that what tongues are for? Added bonus: Eating tomatoes is known to aid in sexual performance. They help calm pre-sex nerves, which can be especially helpful in a first-time-partner situation. Furthermore, the tomato is also known for improving muscle control, which can aid in a number of other between-the-sheets efforts, too.

Sexy Ingredient #3: Avocados
Okay, so now that you're in the mood and have all your muscles functioning for the action that lies ahead, it's time to prepare for the main course. Don't let that sexy tomato get lonely; add a side of avocado. The texture of the inside of this fruit is as delicate and soft as some body parts, and you can eat it or rub it on each others skin. In addition to its sensuous texture, the avocado also has a sensuous function. The high-quality Vitamin E content of this super-food can boost the state of arousal and intensity orgasm. From start (foreplay) to finish (orgasm), this little green love goddess has you covered!

Sexy Ingredient #4: Chocolate
You knew it was going to be on here...and, really, what self-respecting list of sexy natural aphrodisiacs could leave out chocolate? Is there anything sexier than a drizzle of the finest natural organic chocolate you can get your hands (or mouth) on? Chocolate is thick, smooth, creamy, and delicious, but you already knew that. It's also believed to be a natural source of phenyl ethylamine (PEA), the same feel-good chemical that the body naturally produces during those first moments of falling in love. Some studies even suggest that devouring chocolate stimulates the same feelings in the brain as making love. So, got Chocolate?

Sexy Ingredient #5: Buttermilk
Buttermilk is a popular ingredient in desserts for meals that call for a lush finale, and that same quality makes it a perfect post-coital reward, too. How? Try a buttermilk shower. The wonderful feeling of cool buttermilk poured over the body can be enough to start an encore. For the non-kitchen savvy, heed this important tip: Do not, under any circumstances, microwave or heat the buttermilk much above room temperature; doing so will make it curdle. Speaking from experience, stinky clumps of curdled buttermilk is not the best way to put an end to the evening. It's more of a humorous end—which can be memorable too—but since we're speaking about romance here, leave the laughs for that special moment when you decide it's time to share your junior high school photos instead!

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